Yellow coconut curry with pineapple

Rezept für veganes Kokos-Curry mit Cashews und Ananas. #golden #curry #gelbes #vegetarisch #vegan #indisch #thai #curry rezept

After all that feasting in the last weeks – pb cups, chocolate cake, French toast – I felt like having some extra portion of vegetables for a change. This yellow coconut curry is stuffed with lots different and colourful veggies. Carrots, celery, leeks, peppers and broccoli. I’ve also added some juicy pineapple for that extra […]

No-bake peanut butter chocolate cake

Rezept für no-bake Schokoladenkuchen mit Erdnussbutter und Cashewnüssen. Rohvegan, ohne extra Zucker und Mehl. #rohvegan #vegan #vegetarisch #nobake #backen

Yeah, I did not bake again! This time I’m going all out with chocolate, cashews and peanut butter. Big in taste – and calories but still on the healthier dessert side – no added sugars and no flour are in this no-bake chocolate cake, Having said that I would still not recommend to eat this […]

Savoury French Toast with cheese & mushrooms

Savoury French toast? Yes please! This hearty version doesn't have to hide in front of its sweet brother. We're going all savoury and umami with fried mushrooms, melted cheese and a hint of cashew butter. Perfect for a long and cozy Sunday breakfast. #breakfast #frenchtoast #vegetarian

My first home made French toast ever was a savoury one. Say whaaat!? As much as I love desserts and sweet stuff, savoury food always comes first (my recipe archive is witness to this thesis). So if you’re looking for a sweet French toast recipe you’ll have to look somewhere else (for now). Today it’s […]

Pulled Salmon Bagel with Avocado

Rezept für rauchige, saftige Pulled Lachs Bagel mit Avocado. #snack #frühstück #bagel #carbs

Pulled Salmon is a term I took over from the Pulled Pork, that incredibly tender and soft pork roast which is drowned in BBQ sauce and can literally be pulled apart without any effort. This pulled meat is a perfect base for burgers, sandwiches and the like. Unfortunately I am one of those impatient brats […]

Mediterranean penne salad with olives and arugula

Penne, Oliven, Kapern, getrocknete Tomaten, Walnüsse, frischer Rucola und ganz viel Knoblauch - dieses Pasta-Gericht setzt sich aus ganz einfachen Basics zusammen. Und während wir auf Basic Bitches nicht so abfahren, profitiert unser Rezept definitiv von seiner Schlichtheit. #rezept #nudeln #pasta #italienisch #mediterran #sommer #italien

Sometimes you make a recipe draft and fall in love with it right from the beginning. This just happened to me with this garlic fried penne pasta with olives, dried tomatoes, capers, walnuts and fresh rocket salad. My bf Grimm announced this dish as his new favourite food right away. And I have to admit […]

Creamy, garlicky mashed sweet potatoes

Rezept für cremiges Knoblauch-Süßkartoffel-Püree. Für Knoblauch-Junkies ein absolutes Muss. #vegan #beilage #kartoffel #rezepte #winter #herbst #steak

I already promised it at the end of last year. Our stuffed and roasted Christmas pumpkin was served with creamy, garlicky mashed potatoes for which a recipe didn’t exist yet, shame on me! But after being bugged obtrusively by hosts of people (at least 2!) to finally fork out the recipe – it’s here.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Cups (only 5 ingredients)

Rezept für Reese's inspirierte Peanutbutter + Jelly Cups. Erdnussbutter, Marmelade und Zartbitterschokolade in Pralinen-Form #dessert #süßes #no #valentinstag #rezept #vegan

Just like last year you won’t see any lovely love is everywhere valentines day recipes from me. #sorrynotsorry I’m simply to bitter, cold and happily in love for such consumption oriented holidays. My human of choice is always suffocated with love, affection and food, we’re definitely not in need for a special day on which […]

Dining without remorse: 9 affordable restaurants in Hamburg

These 9 affordable restaurants in Hamburg stand proof that you can dine extremely well without spending a fortune.

Hamburg is quite the pretty German city, eh? Definitely worth a visit. Yet, considering the costs for accommodation, guided tours, tickets and stuff you might run out of cash faster than you can say ‘Elbphilharmonie’. Hence, for the temporary completion of the ‘Food Guide Hamburg’ I got you covered with the 9 most affordable and best […]