Warm aubergine and courgette salad

Warmer Antipasti Auberginensalat mit Zucchini, Kartoffeln und Feta.

Summertime is barbecue time – and barbecue time for Grimm and me always means aubergine time too. This vegetable is one of our favourites to barbecue and as soon as the sun comes out we’re stoking up our BBQ it will surely have its place of honour on the grill or in form of a […]

Adventures in Iran 1 – Tehran

Schlafzimmer in Süd-Teheran

My journey to Iran went very smoothly. Any other country and no one would have batted an eye at that statement. Yet I decided to visit Iran – of all countries to chose from, and peoples reactions couldn’t have been more diverse. I got everything from „What a great opportunity! Enjoy your stay!“ to „You […]