Aquafaba Peanut Butter Mousse au Chocolat

Cremige, schokoladige, herbe Mousse au Chocolat aus Aquafaba mit einem Hauch von Erdnussbutter. Nur 3 Zutaten & vegan.

These wonderful photos and recipe of a tart mousse au chocolat with aquafaba and peanutbutter have been waiting on my hard drive for months. Now, as the dark, cold and wet season is in full swing and you’d like to sink into the couch with a hot cup of tea and netflix until march, is […]

White chocolate aquafaba mousse

Nur 4 Zutaten braucht man für diese himmlisch leichte und erfrischende Aquafaba Quark Mousse mit weißer Schokode und frischen Erdbeeren. Das perfekte Sommerrezept für den schnellen Genuss. Rezept und Foodfotografie von Purple Avocado / Sabrina Dietz

There are plenty of aquafaba recipes, and it’s already getting old – at least that’s what I thought. Until I developed out of a random mood my summer recipe highlight of the year. A fruity and creamy curd mousse that needs only 4 ingredients, which I can recommend for the much too hot summer days. […]