Sweet Sushi with Apple & Cinnamon

Rice Pudding Sushi with apple and vanilla sauce. Why not have sweet sushi instead of hearty one? This sweet sushi variation with coconut milk rice pudding, apples and lots of cinnamon can be enjoyed warm as well as cold. Foodstyling and recipe by Purple Avocado

Sweet Sushi High time for a new sushi recipe, eh? Today’s recipe is inspired by my grandma. Grandma always cooked rice pudding just for me and her. The rest of the family didn’t like this dish at all. When grandma cooked rice pudding, she took the biggest pot she could find in the kitchen and […]

Okonomiyaki, Cats and Cosplay with Senta

Classical recipe for Okonomiyaki by Senta. I was petting cats and Senta was cooking japanese - for my series 'Food from Friends' a culinary journey to friends. Now on Purple Avocado.

Okonomiyaki This unpronounceable word was still foreign to me – until I made myself a home in Senta’s living-kitchen area where she cooked for us while I cuddled with her cats. I would find out soon enough that ‘okonomiyaki’ would become an inherent part of my vocabulary. (Cat photos can be found at the end […]

Crunchy oven Fries with two vegan dips

So werden die Pommes im Ofen garantiert knusprig. Super knusprige Ofenpommes mit zweierlei veganen Dips mit Avocado, Cashewkernen, Hefeflocken und Wasabi. Foodfotografie und Foodstyling von Purple Avocado.

„Fries before Guys“ or – an ode to self love This is not a Valentines Day post. The day that I publish a klichee valentines recipe has yet to be invented. Hearts and pink sugar icing are just not my thing and will never be. This being my first Valentines Day not being single doesn’t […]