Cream of Broccoli Soup with Hummus

Brokkoli-Cremesuppe mit Hummus, Créme Fraîche und Ziegenkäse. Optional vegetarisch oder vegan. Mit Pinienkernen und Petersilie getoppt die perfekte Wintersuppe

In Winter I (re)discovered my love for soups. I have to admit that was never the biggest fan of soups. Not as a starter and certainly not as a full-featured main course – for me it was lacking the texture and bite… well, and I was lacking the appreciation for this amazing dish. But during […]

How to steam vegetables without a steamer

So einfach kann man Gemüse dämpfen ohne einen Dampfgarer / Bambusgarer oder Dampfkochtopf.

You would like to gently steam your vegetables, but are absolutely not up to finding a new spot in your cupboards for yet another bulky kitchen device? Well, then why don’t you try it with your good ol’ pal the kitchen strainer?

Restaurant Guide Hamburg – Lenz

Die besten Restaurants in Hamburg – Das Restaurant Lenz kann sich mit seiner grandiosen Vierländer Ente problemlos mit einreihen. Die fantastische, traditionelle Deutsche Küche in familiärer, gemütlicher Atmosphäre ist die kleine Reise wert. #restaurants #hamburg #deutschland #tipps #reisen #empfehlungen #guide

What represents an exquisite restaurant? Besides the obligatory splendid food. The moment, when I enter a restaurant I desire to feel at ease. I do not want to fidget around on my chair uncomfortably. An impersonal and akward atmosphere is an absolute turn off and I am in the fortunate position to introduce the cozy, […]

Restaurant Guide Hamburg – Nil

Ein weiterer Geheimtipp aus dem Restaurant Guide Hamburg ist das Nil Pauli, im Herzen das Schanzenviertels. #restaurant #tips #dinner #travel

I still owe you some Hamburg restaurants. Shame on me, but I didn’t manage it earlier. My private life kicked in as well as the natural shortness of the last months of the year. But here are some last, final restaurant tips from my stay in Hamburg that’ll come online in the next weeks. So […]

Baked apple oatmeal with cinnamon

Rezept für wärmendes Bratapfel Porridge mit viel Zimt und Honig. Ein Winterfrühstück für die knackig kalten Tage. #rezept #winter #haferbrei #oatmeal #foodstyling #foodphotograhpy

This winter I developed my all time favourite breakfast of the year. Since November or so we’ve basically had nothing but this warming, cinnamon-y baked apple oatmeal. It’s not only incredibly comforting and delicous but it’ll also keep you full for hours and is done within 10 minutes. Basically the length of making coffee in […]

Sunchoke & mushroom risotto

Rezept für ein cremiges Risotto mit Champignons und Topinambur und gehackten Pekannüssen. Deftige, winterliche Hausmannskost. #wintergemüse #winter #foodstyling #foodphotography #rezepte

„Oh dear, we’ve spent our last vacation in topinambour. Beautiful, I can tell ya! The locals there are so rooted to the soil and absolutely grounded.“ This could have been one of the unknowing reactions from my fellow people, when I told them about the awesome risotto with topinambour I made. Well, I guess there […]

Ideas & Recipes for Mexican Party Food

Zutaten, Rezepte und Inspiration für einen Mexikanischen Abend. Let's get the Taco-Tortilla-Party started!

Wohoo, after almost two years, when I showed you How to host a Sushi Party, I’m finally throwing in some new food party inspiration for all of you who love to cook and eat in company. This time I’ve got you covered with recipes and inspiration for a successful Mexican Food Party with tacos, tortillas, […]