The best food photography lenses

The best food photography lenses recommened by Purple Avocado / Sabrina Dietz

I have to admit I’m not a big technology geek and my delighted talks about the newest camera, lenses, flashes and who knows what other gimmicks are few and far between. However, I know that the knowledge that I gained over the years about these things is quite comprehensive and will help the beginners and […]

The photo analysis or – How did they do it?

Tomate und Mozzarella - Stimmungsvolle, rustikale Food-Fotografie mit natürlichem Licht

The skill to analyse photos – let it be your own one’s or those that inspire and animate you the most – is a very good base to understand how and why photos ‘look good’. Why some photos are just so much more pleasing to the eye and why that is the case.