Adventures in Iran 2 – Shiraz

Entrance to the Vakil Bazar

Part two of my adventures in Iran, this time I’m taking you to the south of Iran. Meet the beautiful desert city Shiraz. Beautiful gardens, the famous tomb of Hafez, bazars and beautiful architecture is what awaited me at the former capital of Iran.

Bruges vs Ghent – A weekend trip to Belgium

If you happen to have a long weekend before you, how about a spontaneous road trip to Belgium? In three days we visited Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp and slept at the beach. Culture, History, marvellous architecture and of course lots of Belgian food awaits you.

What do you do, when there’s a long weekend off ahead of you and you happen to have a car at your disposal? Sure thing! You go on a spontaneous road trip to Belgium. You visit Gent and love it, move on to Bruges and hate it. You drive to the coast, sleep in your […]