Quinoa Sushi with Salmon and Avocado

Quinoa Sushi is a healty and delicious alternative to the classic sushi. Combined with avocado and salmon it'll convince even the strictest sushi sceptics.

Healthy Quinoa Sushi There’s already quite a number of sushi recipes on this blog and yet I haven’t shared with you one of my most favourite creations, like seriously? Let’s catchup on this right now, eh? After all it’s also a combination I usually make for sushi newbies as it’s surprisingly suitable for the mass […]

3 Quick & Healthy Wrap Ideas

Those 3 quick & healthy Wrap Ideas will save the day, when you are tired and stressed out. Mango and Avocado with Cashew Butter, Salmon with Red Peppers and Fresh Cheese and Tomatos and Pear with Maple Syrup. See them all on Purple Avocado.

A food photographers life ain’t easy You all know that feeling. You had a long, exhausting day and now you’re looking forward to sinking into the couch, eating a proper dinner. Usually the couch is totally ready for y0u, while the food  is still laying in your fridge – unprepared of course. This is what […]

How to host a Sushi Party

Different pieces of sushi on a wooden cutting board

Last weekend I hosted a sushi party at a friends place. We were a semi large group of 10 people – all severe sushi lovers and big eaters. Since the party was a big success I’d like to give you some advice on how to host a sushi party for many people without breaking into […]