Food Styling, Photography & Business Retreat 2023

Food Styling, Photography & Business Retreat 2023

25. - 28. May 2023 in Slovenia

Galette Food Styling
Outdoor Food Photography Shoot
Food Photography by Anja Burgar
Landscape Slovenia

A unique experience hosted by Anja Burgar & Sabrina Dietz

Landscape Mountains in Slovenia

Ever thought of escaping to the lush forests, breathtaking mountains and scenic lakes of Slovenia, all the while having exhilarating learning experiences with like-minded food photographers?

Are you ready to hone your photography & styling skills where needed, expand your portfolio and create memories that last a lifetime? 

Do you want to delve deep into food photography, styling and the business side of things in a small closed group of fellow creatives and two professional food photographers?

Then this long weekend retreat might just be what you're looking for! >>

Landscape in Slovenia

Photography Workshop & soothing Vacation in one

Join us in Slovenia where we’ll teach you about advanced photography & food styling techniques, natural & artificial light and how to get the best out of your photos through editing.

In between workshops, we will enjoy the dazzling beauty of the Slovenian countryside, take some time to breathe in Alpine air during a short hike in the surrounding environment or enjoy some local culinary delights in nearby restaurants.

Bedroom Accommodation for our Food Photography Workshop

An exclusive learning experience in a spacious venue

Take a seat with a bunch of passionate creatives to delve into the business side of photography, nurturing creativity, standing out with your work, pricing, portfolio talk and more.

The event will take place in a stunning AirBnb in Northern Slovenia only a stone’s throw from the Austrian border.

We chose a venue that is spacious enough to serve as both a snug teaching location and a cosy accommodation to house us all – organisers and students – in the most comfortable way possible. 

Behind the scenes of a food photography Workshop

Theory lessons & hands-on shooting sessions

The generous dining area, common room and little garden in our lovely accommodation give us plenty of space for the theory & practical lessons we have prepared for you. 

During the hands-on shooting sessions you can utilise beautiful props, ceramics and backdrops provided by us and some of our lovely sponsors.

Melonen Food Fotografie Still life
Portrait of Sabrina Dietz in Bavaria (Hintersee)
Food Photography Workshop Behind The Scenes
Food Photography Workshop Behind the Scenes
Food Photography Workshop in Slovenia
Food Photography Workshop Accommodation
Food Photography Workshop & Retreat Accommodation
Flower Still Life
Food Photography Workshop Behind the Scenes Anja Burgar
Mushrooms Food Fotografie Sabrina Dietz
Beautiful Lake in Bavaria

What you will learn

Transform your food photography

Learn advanced food styling and composition techniques to create show-stopping images. Put your newly acquired skills into practice during our guided, hands-on shooting and editing sessions.

Elevate your business

Learn all the clever strategies to attract the dream clients you deserve. Our business & portfolio sessions will offer you a new perspective on your business and how to make it skyrocket.

Boost your confidence

Make valuable connections with creatives from the scene who are just as passionate, supportive and ambitious as you are. Our social time & round tables are meant to inspire you, make new friends and gain you confidence to take on projects you would have shied away from in the past.

Experience the beautiful countryside of Slovenia

Lush forest, scenic lakes and fragrant lavender fields - we won’t spend all weekend inside with the beauty of Slovenia right in front of our door!” Weather depending, there will be some fun surprises in store for you.

Flower Picture by Anja Burgar
Porridge Food Styling by Sabrina Dietz

Retreat Programme

Thu, 25. May

Welcome & Introduction (from 14:00)


Creative Process Roundtable

Fri, 26. May

Photography & Styling lessons

Hands-on Shooting & Styling

Group Trip (weather dependent)

Business & Portfolio Talk

Sat, 27. May

Planning & Moodboards for Shooting

Outdoor Photoshoot (weather dependent)

Lightroom Editing Session

Sun, 28. May

Business & Marketing Roundtable

Feedback Session

Departure at Noon

Booking Options

Shared Room & shared bathroom (with 1 to 2 other people) – 2690€, or 2490€ if you book until Sun, 19. Feb 2023

Single Room & shared bathroom (with 1 other person) – 2990€, or 2790€ if you book until Sun, 19. Feb 2023

*The listed prices are per person (+ VAT, if applicable). If you prefer to split your payment in 2, please mention that in your application through the contact form below.

Spots are limited to a small group for an ideal learning atmosphere.
We recommend you make your decision promptly, as we might sell out fast.

Food Photography Retreat Dining Room
Food Photography Workshop Bedrooms
Food Photography Workshop in Slovenia - Common Room


Is travel included?

Travelling to and from the retreat location is not included. Please make sure to arrange your travels to the location (Thu, 25. May) and back (Sun, 28. May) on your own.

All transportation during the retreat is taken care of by us. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We highly recommend travel insurance!

Where is the retreat location?

Our beautiful AirBnb accommodation and teaching venue is located in Northern Slovenia. Please complete the contact form below to receive the location details and further travel information.

The nearest major airports are in Brnik, Slovenia (less than 1 hour from the retreat location), Trieste, Italy (2 hours from the retreat location), and Zagreb, Croatia (2.5 hours from the retreat location). The nearest train station is in Jesenice, Slovenia (10 minutes from the retreat location).

Is accommodation included?

Yes, your stay of 3 nights (Thursday afternoon – Sunday morning) at our accommodation is included in the retreat price. 

What is the room situation like?

You can choose between shared accommodation (with 1-2 other students max) or a single bedroom for a surcharge in a stunning AirBnb in Northern Slovenia.

Where will the workshops take place?

It is our goal that accommodation and teaching take place in the same building to reduce time spent travelling back and forth. It will facilitate us to spend comfy, chatty evenings together and wind down from the exciting events of the day.

The generous dining area, a common room and a little garden give us plenty of space to hold the theoretical and practical workshops we have planned and send you off to go and practise what you learned.

Are meals included?

Yes, you will be provided with vegan meals throughout the retreat (dinner on Thursday, breakfast, lunch & dinner on Friday & Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday).

Do you offer allergy-friendly meals and cater to special dietary needs?

The food provided will be vegan. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please get in touch and we’ll discuss what we can do.

I’m a total beginner - is this workshop for me?

This workshop was designed with more experienced photographers in mind, meaning that you own a camera and the ISO, aperture and shutter speed are not a foreign concept to you. 

To get the most out of this experience, it helps if you’re comfortable shooting in manual mode. 

The number of students is limited to a small group size, so everyone’s learning needs will be attended to. Since this is a photography workshop, you will have a lot of opportunities to practise. 

As a guideline: If this page and the presented retreat schedule make you feel excited and eager to go and learn from us, chances are high that you’ll fit in very well.

However, if you’re unsure whether this retreat is for you, please contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

What do I need to bring?

You will need a mirrorless or DSLR camera to make the best out of the workshop.
Ideally, you can also bring a laptop along. It is not necessary but highly recommended for our editing session.

Do you offer payment plans?

We do! Please complete the contact form and we’ll follow through as soon as possible.

What is your cancellation policy?

Given the nature of this event refunds are not available. However, you can find someone to fill your space. Please check out the Terms & Conditions.

Meet your teachers

About Anja

This is me! A shy girl from a small but highly picturesque country called Slovenia and an official education in ecology. Nature is my biggest inspiration, and it is pure joy to take all its beauty into my creative work.

In my mid-twenties, I felt utterly lost and didn’t know my passion. So, after leaving a dead-end job and feeling like the biggest loser, I took the time and figured out what I wanted in life. This is how my blog Use Your Noodles was born – from sheer love of food and, well… boredom. Little did I know that it was precisely how I’d find my passion.

My love for food, cooking, and photography got me to work for international clients daily and be featured in worldwide magazines. So whenever I’m not behind the camera, you’ll find me constantly talking about photography (and you’ll have a hard time stopping me!).

Knowledge is there to be shared, and everyone deserves a chance to be a part of a supportive educational community! This is what I firmly live by.

Portrait of Anja Burgar from Useyournoodles

About Sabrina

Hi you! I’m Sabrina, a Food Photographer and Stylist from the Western part of Germany – right at the border with the Netherlands. While I studied photography (for much longer than I dare to admit), I started my food blog Purple Avocado alongside my photography business.

Despite some small side hustles and student jobs, I always knew that this was the passion I wanted to pursue. A 9 to 5 job has never been my jam, and working creatively for my own business and making my own hours is my understanding of freedom and a fulfilled work life.

While my passion for photography came first, my second love of cooking followed shortly after. I enjoy experimenting with ingredients, textures, and flavours on the recipe side and with light, colours and shapes when it comes to photography.

I’m an absolute sucker for the business side of a creative business. How to turn a side hustle and passion into a profitable business and which steps are necessary is something I could talk about for hours and hours.

And yes, I’ve come to appreciate and actually enjoy (gasp!) numbers, bookkeeping, organising, and strategizing as well.

Portrait of Sabrina Dietz, Food Photographer from Germany

With not just one but two photographers who have worked in the industry for years, you get to benefit from our combined superpowers which are vital for a successful food photography business!

Sabrina's Zone of Genius

› Playing with Light & Shadow like a boss

› Creating Light & Bright sceneries with ease

› Creating and maintaining order in a chaotic creative business

› Photo selection & portfolio feedback 

Anja's Zone of Genius

› Bending Natural & Artificial Light to her will

› Creating Dark & moody sceneries effortlessly

› Creating elaborate setups and cosy atmospheres through storytelling

› Planning & executing outdoor shoots 

We can’t wait to meet you and connect!

flammkuchen Food Photography - Banner

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