Surf’n’Turf salad with prawn & flank steak

Food Fotografie und Foodstyling Auftragsarbeit für MoschMosch. Sabrina Dietz // Purple Avocado - Nudeln mit RInd und Yakitori Spieße

*contains promotion for MoschMosch As a food photographer there are, just like in any other job, good and bad customers. Some can make your life harder than necessary by raising complaints on each and everything. And then there’s customers such as  MoschMosch. I’m SO EXCITED to finally show you the finished photos from my comissioned […]

Pumpkin Sweet Potato Mash

A hearty wild game goulash with pumpkin sweet potato mash and roasted mushrooms and glazed onions in red wine sauce. That's what we served at the food'n'spice blogger meet-up in Berlin.

At the Spicebar Blogger Meet-up us Bloggers cooked in three teams and created mouth watering meals. I can tell you it was dope as fuck. Team Nord Nord Pott and Hauptstadtgriller Stefan built a team and formed a perfect combination of several skills which is why we created a complex and diverse dish that combined […]

Sesame Tofu with Nut Sauce & Spinach Salad

Spinatsalat mit Sesam-Tofu und einer süß-salzigen Nuss-Sauce aus allerlei Nüssen. Ein Küchen-Quickie von Purple Avocado

Actually the next post planned for this week is a marvellous goulash recipe from the last weekend that I spent in Berlin. It also includes sweet potato. But as I prepared a ridiculously delicious dinner for my boyfriend and me last night I had to share this with you first. Just so you have a basic […]

Rainbow Sushi Rolls with Purple Rice

Rainbow Rolls - Sushi with purple rice are easy as pie! Make them at home and fill them with all the goodies you can think of. Peppers, avocado, salmon, cream cheese or how about some mango and spinach? Recipe and Foodstyling from Purple Avocado

Since we’re at it already, how about making some sushi again this week? The salmon will stay, everything else will change and it’s going to get crispy and colourful. As you already know, I’m always on the lookout for some kickass inspiration for fancy sushi creations.