Warm aubergine and courgette salad

Warmer Antipasti Auberginensalat mit Zucchini, Kartoffeln und Feta.

Summertime is barbecue time – and barbecue time for Grimm and me always means aubergine time too. This vegetable is one of our favourites to barbecue and as soon as the sun comes out we’re stoking up our BBQ it will surely have its place of honour on the grill or in form of a […]

Feta Watermelon Basil Salad

Melonensalat mit Feta, Basilikum, Rucola, Pinienkernen und Balsamico

Guuuuys – this spring is giving us a little pretaste of summer (and many a day makes me want to just relax and do nothing). When the temperatures are rising and the air becomes so humid that you even start sweating when not moving at all my stomach stops to work properly. It can’t process […]

Savoury French Toast with cheese & mushrooms

Savoury French toast? Yes please! This hearty version doesn't have to hide in front of its sweet brother. We're going all savoury and umami with fried mushrooms, melted cheese and a hint of cashew butter. Perfect for a long and cozy Sunday breakfast. #breakfast #frenchtoast #vegetarian

My first home made French toast ever was a savoury one. Say whaaat!? As much as I love desserts and sweet stuff, savoury food always comes first (my recipe archive is witness to this thesis). So if you’re looking for a sweet French toast recipe you’ll have to look somewhere else (for now). Today it’s […]

Mediterranean penne salad with olives and arugula

Penne, Oliven, Kapern, getrocknete Tomaten, Walnüsse, frischer Rucola und ganz viel Knoblauch - dieses Pasta-Gericht setzt sich aus ganz einfachen Basics zusammen. Und während wir auf Basic Bitches nicht so abfahren, profitiert unser Rezept definitiv von seiner Schlichtheit. #rezept #nudeln #pasta #italienisch #mediterran #sommer #italien

Sometimes you make a recipe draft and fall in love with it right from the beginning. This just happened to me with this garlic fried penne pasta with olives, dried tomatoes, capers, walnuts and fresh rocket salad. My bf Grimm announced this dish as his new favourite food right away. And I have to admit […]