Carrot-Lemon-Cake with Cashew-Icing

Hier ist ein Rezept für einen saftigen, luftigen Karotten-Zitronen-Kuchen mit Cashewbutter-Icing. Dieser lockere Karottenkuchen ist problemlos für einige Tage im Kühlschrank haltbar. Das nussige, leicht bittere Cashewbutter-Icing gibt dem Kuchen das spezielle Etwas und der frische Zitronensaft sowie die Zitronenschale verleihen ihm eine saure, fruchtige Note.

When it comes to cake recipes I usually have high expectations. I prefer to bake recipes after recommendations, knowing that it has already been thoroughly tested and chances are high that it’ll turn out soft and juicy. My perfect cake will not crumble to pieces and can only be “enjoyed” with a bottle of water […]

Surf’n’Turf salad with prawn & flank steak

Food Fotografie und Foodstyling Auftragsarbeit für MoschMosch. Sabrina Dietz // Purple Avocado - Nudeln mit RInd und Yakitori Spieße

*contains promotion for MoschMosch As a food photographer there are, just like in any other job, good and bad customers. Some can make your life harder than necessary by raising complaints on each and everything. And then there’s customers such as  MoschMosch. I’m SO EXCITED to finally show you the finished photos from my comissioned […]

Carrot-Orange-Soup with Coconut

This vegan carrot orange soup is so easy to make, doesn't take too long and is a welcoming fruity yet warming alternative to usually hearty winter soups. We added some smoked tofu for that contrasting touch of heartiness and we love it!

Today we’re talking soup. It’s all about a simple yet juiy carrot orange soup to be precise. Actually I’ve never been such a huge fan of soups. In restaurants I would have never ordered a soup as a starter ( I’m more of a salad person). If at all I might get some soup at […]

Colorful carrots with a sesame dressing

For this years Easter weekend we'll have colourful carrots from the oven with a maple syrup marinade. Along with it goes mache with a sesame dressing, roasted sessame seeds and curd with herbs.

Hello everybody! Easter is fast approaching. To me it’s usualy just a weekend like any other weekend. But this Easter is also the first one with my blog online, so I thought I should share at least an Easter recipe with you. The question was, what could I possibly prepare. As I don’t often work […]

Green Spelt Sushi with Beetroot

Vegan Green Spelt Sushi is a delicious alternative to ordinary rice sushi. This version contains beetroot and avocado amon other tasty things.

By now you might have noticed that I’m slightly hooked on sushi. My first article on this blog was about pumpkin sushi with black rice. A few weeks ago I published a post about how to host a sushi party and how to cook the perfect sushi rice. And I have so much more in petto. […]