Vegan Date Brownies

Vegan no bake Date Brownies Recipe. A little bit healthy and a whole lot of taste. With a peanut butter maple syrup topping. More on Purple Avocado.

Hi guys! Before I’m going over to healthy, light spring recipes in the upcoming weeks (can’t wait for the warm seasons to approach!!), I have a last dessert bomb for you! Although this vegan brownies recipe consists mostly of healthy ingredients I would never dare to declare it as light. It consists of dates, minced […]

Vegan Quiche with green Asparagus

Vegan, healthy and damn photogenic - this vegan quiche with green asparagus, buckrams, escallions and dried tomatoes combines it all. It is easy and fast to prepare and will impress even your most critical guests. More on Purple Avocado.

Hi everybody! Here’s my belated second Easter recipe for you (Easter 2017 for the win :D). And I’m not exaggerating when I tell you, this is da shit! Listen up: A vegan quiche with green asparagus, scallions, wild garlic and dried tomatoes. This was the first quiche I’ve ever prepared by myself and I succeeded […]

Colorful carrots with a sesame dressing

For this years Easter weekend we'll have colourful carrots from the oven with a maple syrup marinade. Along with it goes mache with a sesame dressing, roasted sessame seeds and curd with herbs.

Hello everybody! Easter is fast approaching. To me it’s usualy just a weekend like any other weekend. But this Easter is also the first one with my blog online, so I thought I should share at least an Easter recipe with you. The question was, what could I possibly prepare. As I don’t often work […]

Vegan Potato Salad

Vegan version of a traditional German potato salad. Very tasty with smoked salt and tofu and avocado with kala namak.

Okay, let’s be honest. When it comes to Germans and salad, we’re quite one weird nation. Being called the sausage nation by our dear austrian neighbours it’s only logical that we add meat even to a healthy dish such as a salad. When Germans start their BBQ season (which could already be around January / […]

Green Spelt Sushi with Beetroot

Vegan Green Spelt Sushi is a delicious alternative to ordinary rice sushi. This version contains beetroot and avocado amon other tasty things.

By now you might have noticed that I’m slightly hooked on sushi. My first article on this blog was about pumpkin sushi with black rice. A few weeks ago I published a post about how to host a sushi party and how to cook the perfect sushi rice. And I have so much more in petto. […]

Chocolate Peanut Porridge

Chocolate Peanut Porridge: The perfect combination for those mornings, when we need a little energy and motivational boost to start the day properly.

After showing you the basic recipe for the microwave oatmeal combined with a healthy berry version I feel obliged to share a less healthy but therefore satisfyingly delicious version with you. You cannot always eat clean and healthy. And you don’t have to! Eating healthy is fine, and my blog efficiently proofs that healthy and […]

Pasta with Avocado, fried Egg and ginger

Let's be a bit minimalistic today and enjoy this immensely swift and feasible weekend dish. Spaghetti. Garlic. Onions, Ginger, Avocado. Fried egg. This meal is a keeper.

Let’s be a bit minimalistic today and enjoy this immensely swift and feasible weekend dish. Spaghetti. Garlic. Shallots. Ginger. Avocado. Fried egg. This meal is a keeper. It made me extremely happy the night I created and photographed it. It made me so happy – I ate it all before I could take more decent […]

Stuffed Sweet Potato with spinach & feta

Recipe for stuffed sweet potato with spinach, feta cheese, parmesan and pine seeds. Comforting, simple and delicious!

I have a thing for stuffed vegetable, let it be egg plant, zucchini, peppers and even mushrooms. It is such a convenient, comforting food that satisfies even the meat lovers (well, sometimes we fill it with ground pork, but even without it, they are happy… I guess).