Quinoa Sushi with Salmon and Avocado

Quinoa Sushi is a healty and delicious alternative to the classic sushi. Combined with avocado and salmon it'll convince even the strictest sushi sceptics.

Healthy Quinoa Sushi There’s already quite a number of sushi recipes on this blog and yet I haven’t shared with you one of my most favourite creations, like seriously? Let’s catchup on this right now, eh? After all it’s also a combination I usually make for sushi newbies as it’s surprisingly suitable for the mass […]

Mountain hiking in Berchtesgaden

Im Berchtesgadener Land ging es auf eine Wanderung 1000 Höhenmeter hinauf auf den Jenner zur Mitterkaseralm. Was da alles passieren kann lest ihr auf Purple Avocado.

When you’re going on a mountain hike in March, you are definitely aware, that there might be snow in the higher regions. Theoretically that sounds incredibly logical, practically that’s a whole different story, especially when you start your walk at 10° Celsius. You only start to realize that this is in fact dead serious, when […]

Vegan Berry Cake

An ethnic recipe for a vegan berry cake freely adapted from a recipe of the Ethno Cookbook by Karolina Przybylska with lots of fresh berrys and maple syrup.

Now that I have reviewed the Ethno Cookbook and equipped you with a savory wild rice patty recipe  it’s high time for something sweet, don’t you think? Oh yeah! So every year when the wild berry season begins there’s no stopping me. While my fruit intake is rather poorly during the winter season – apples […]

Hiking in Berchtesgaden – Lake Hintersee

My first hike in Berchtesgaden lead me from Ramsau to the lake Hintersee and a magical forest. A very picturesque hiking trail also suited for beginners.

The first hike of my short trip to the Berchtesgadener Land lead me to Ramsau on a round trip to the lake Hintersee and through a magic forest. As an amateur hiker without any outstanding experience and less endurance than I actually planned to have, I always fear to over strain myself with goals set […]

Wild Rice Patties

Super simple recipe for wild rice patties with parsley, thyme and red peppers from the Ethno Cookbook.

(Sponsored content for Das Ethno-Kochbuch* / EMF Verlag) The German Version of this article provides you with a detailed review of Karolina Przybylska’s cookbook ‘Das Ethno Kochbuch’.  Due to the fact that this book is only available in German (yet) I merely provide you with the recipe. In case this book will ever be translated into […]