The best food photography lenses

The best food photography lenses recommened by Purple Avocado / Sabrina Dietz

Table of Contents Hi and welcome to this detailed guide about lenses for food photography purposes. If you’re knew in the game or would simply like to see how another food dude does it, you’re in the right place. I am admittedly I’m not a big technology geek and my delighted talks about the newest […]

The photo analysis or – How did they do it?

Tomate und Mozzarella - Stimmungsvolle, rustikale Food-Fotografie mit natürlichem Licht

The skill to analyse photos – let it be your own one’s or those that inspire and animate you the most – is a very good base to understand how and why photos ‘look good’. Why some photos are just so much more pleasing to the eye and why that is the case.

Mulled white wine with Sinalco Orange

Ein Glas mit mit weißem Glühwein, dekoriert mit einer Zimtstange

(Paid advert for Sinalco) – Do you still remember my Christmas market rant from last year? Let’s be honest, my Grinch image is quite established by now. This year I have neither baked cookies, did Christmas present shopping nor am I all too sad that we didn’t have much snow yet (as a driver I’m probably not […]

Behind the scenes – Pumpkin Porridge

natural light food photography explained via a specific shooting example

Let’s talk about light. Since I get asked about this topic a lot I’d like to introduce a new series on this blog and take you a little behind the scenes and share some of my food photography lighting tips with you. In these mini food photography tutorials I will show you the story behind […]

Lemon Meringue Pie

It’s finally there. The long awaited recipe for an american and – as you asked for it – vegan lemon meringue pie is online after I have tortured you with stories and photos for weeks over on Instagram. I must admit it took me so long, since the recipe testing took quite a while. But […]

Adventures in Iran 2 – Shiraz

Entrance to the Vakil Bazar

Part two of my adventures in Iran, this time I’m taking you to the south of Iran. Meet the beautiful desert city Shiraz. Beautiful gardens, the famous tomb of Hafez, bazars and beautiful architecture is what awaited me at the former capital of Iran.

Warm aubergine and courgette salad

Warmer Antipasti Auberginensalat mit Zucchini, Kartoffeln und Feta.

Summertime is barbecue time – and barbecue time for Grimm and me always means aubergine time too. This vegetable is one of our favourites to barbecue and as soon as the sun comes out we’re stoking up our BBQ it will surely have its place of honour on the grill or in form of a […]

Adventures in Iran 1 – Tehran

Schlafzimmer in Süd-Teheran

My journey to Iran went very smoothly. Any other country and no one would have batted an eye at that statement. Yet I decided to visit Iran – of all countries to chose from, and peoples reactions couldn’t have been more diverse. I got everything from „What a great opportunity! Enjoy your stay!“ to „You […]

Feta Watermelon Basil Salad

Melonensalat mit Feta, Basilikum, Rucola, Pinienkernen und Balsamico

Guuuuys – this spring is giving us a little pretaste of summer (and many a day makes me want to just relax and do nothing). When the temperatures are rising and the air becomes so humid that you even start sweating when not moving at all my stomach stops to work properly. It can’t process […]

17 traditional Iranian dishes you should try

Kalle Pache – Sheeps Head and Legs

It’s done! 1 week of hard work, visiting several restaurants, cafés and homes later I can finally show you what I and my Iranian friends have been working on so hard. I wanted to create a food photography series about Traditional Iranian food and I (we) couldn’t be happier with the results. All my adventures […]

My Food Photography Equipment

Hey there! I get asked a lot about my food photography equipment, lighting techniques and tips for food styling. Therefore I’d like to dive into this subject matter and help you become better at food photography. 

Rainbow Sushi Sandwiches

Onigirazu Rezept mit Video-Anleitung und vielen Ideen für weitere Füllungen. #vegetarisch #vegan #pescetarisch #sushi #sandwiches #reis #onigiri

Are you ready for an easy alternative to sushi and a boss ass lunch idea? In one brilliant recipe? I love sushi, but sometimes it’s just too filigree and time consuming. Instead I’m showing you how to fill and fold sushi sandwiches along with some amazing onigirazu filling ideas.