Pulled Salmon Bagel with Avocado

Rezept für rauchige, saftige Pulled Lachs Bagel mit Avocado. #snack #frühstück #bagel #carbs

Pulled Salmon is a term I took over from the Pulled Pork, that incredibly tender and soft pork roast which is drowned in BBQ sauce and can literally be pulled apart without any effort. This pulled meat is a perfect base for burgers, sandwiches and the like. Unfortunately I am one of those impatient brats […]

Ideas & Recipes for Mexican Party Food

Zutaten, Rezepte und Inspiration für einen Mexikanischen Abend. Let's get the Taco-Tortilla-Party started!

Wohoo, after almost two years, when I showed you How to host a Sushi Party, I’m finally throwing in some new food party inspiration for all of you who love to cook and eat in company. This time I’ve got you covered with recipes and inspiration for a successful Mexican Food Party with tacos, tortillas, […]

Quick Avocado Wraps

Wenn's mal schnell gehen muss, für Picknicks, unterwegs oder als Fingerfood für den nächsten Serien-Abend: Schnelle Avocado Wraps in zwei Variationen - mit Guacamole und Cashewbutter. Ganz unkompliziert und köstlich. Rezept und Foodfotografie von Purple Avocado / Sabrina Dietz

This recipe was actually intended to go online before all my hustling. Two different avocado wraps – with guacamole and with cashew butter are in fact the perfect snack for to go and those times when you don’t have time at all. That’s how I developed them – between a university presentation and a spontaneous […]

Savory Egg & Avocado Oatmeal

Breakfast becomes dinner with this savoury porridge with avocado, poached egg and roasted sea weed. Recipe and food styling from purple avocado / sabrina dietz.

I’m a huge breakfast fan and oatmeal is definitely one of my go to dishes. Once autumn and winter are approaching I can’t imagine a better breakfast than a bowl of hot, steaming oatmeal with warm fruits to start into the day. This recipe for a savory avocado oatmeal brings it to a whole new […]

Curry Gnocchi Salad with nectarines

Schneller, satt machender Curry Gnocchi Salat mit Nektarinen, Feta, gerösteten Pekannüssen & Avocado. Der perfekte Sommersalat, fürs Picknick im Park oder für den Grillabend bei Freunden. Rezept und Foodstyling von Purple Avocado / Sabrina Dietz.

Let’s keep our salad game up for a while as it is strong this summer. Next project: Salad Deluxe. With carbs carbs carbs. It’s getting a little hot in the kitchen as we’re turning on our stove as well. But for this curry gnocchi salad with nectarines, feta cheese, roasted pecan nuts and creamy avocado, […]

Nectarine & Sweet Potato Salad

Up your salad game: Nektarinen-Süßkartoffelsalat mit Ahornsirup-Senf-Dressing, cremiger Avocado, knusprigen Pinienkernen und frischem Spinat oder Salat. Der perfekte Sommersalat für Grillabende und unterwegs. Warm und kalt ein Genuss. Rezept und Foodstyling: Purple Avocado / Sabrina Dietz

I am a total salad snob. One of the main reasons why I never order salad in restaurants is that I do not consider saggy lettuce, cucumber and tomato with – if you’re lucky – some onions, corn and ONE olive a proper meal (the second reason is that those ‘salads’ often cost a fortune, […]

Rainbow Sushi Rolls with Purple Rice

Rainbow Rolls - Sushi with purple rice are easy as pie! Make them at home and fill them with all the goodies you can think of. Peppers, avocado, salmon, cream cheese or how about some mango and spinach? Recipe and Foodstyling from Purple Avocado

Since we’re at it already, how about making some sushi again this week? The salmon will stay, everything else will change and it’s going to get crispy and colourful. As you already know, I’m always on the lookout for some kickass inspiration for fancy sushi creations.

Quinoa Sushi with Salmon and Avocado

Quinoa Sushi is a healty and delicious alternative to the classic sushi. Combined with avocado and salmon it'll convince even the strictest sushi sceptics.

Healthy Quinoa Sushi There’s already quite a number of sushi recipes on this blog and yet I haven’t shared with you one of my most favourite creations, like seriously? Let’s catchup on this right now, eh? After all it’s also a combination I usually make for sushi newbies as it’s surprisingly suitable for the mass […]

Crunchy oven Fries with two vegan dips

So werden die Pommes im Ofen garantiert knusprig. Super knusprige Ofenpommes mit zweierlei veganen Dips mit Avocado, Cashewkernen, Hefeflocken und Wasabi. Foodfotografie und Foodstyling von Purple Avocado.

„Fries before Guys“ or – an ode to self love This is not a Valentines Day post. The day that I publish a klichee valentines recipe has yet to be invented. Hearts and pink sugar icing are just not my thing and will never be. This being my first Valentines Day not being single doesn’t […]

Fried sweet potato, smoked tofu & spinach

On Purple Avocado it's all about homemade, vegan ketchup this time. A 3 ingredient ketchup. To this we're adding fried sweet potato with spinach, garlic and smoked tofu. This is a salty, fruity and creamy dish garnished with tomato and avocado. Foodstyling, highkey, Sabrina Dietz

Today you get a recipe I didn’t think would end up on this blog. Surely this is not because it’s not good or hard to make. Not in the slightest. No, this is one of my favourite dishes, especially when I need some variety on my plate. The combination of fresh tomato, creamy avocado, fried […]

15 Minute Chickpea Salad

Here's a super quick and easy recipe for a filling chickpea salad with curry and mustard dressing. Recipe on Purple Avocado.

Hi everyone! Today I want to share one of my favourite quick salad recipes with you. A recipe that will get you sated and happy and which is a proper meal if you want to. Since I reduced my meat intake I know that I have to get my fair share of proteins somewhere else. […]

Sesame fish sticks and Matcha Cupcakes

Together with Mimirosefoodlove I made delicious fish sticks in a sesame crust on a summery salad with spinach, asparagus, avocado and tomatoes with a soy rice dressing and matcha cupcakes with coconut cream and berries. Find the recipe for the salad on Purple Avocado and the cupcakes on Mimirosefoodlove.

Food from Friends enters the second round. This time I visited Mimi and Rose from Mimirosefoodlove. Food from Friends is a project dedicated to the joy of cooking and savoring in company. From time to time I get to visit people I appreciate or strangers I want to get to know and together we prepare their […]